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About company

About company

    Dairy tradition is an ancient and stable in Jaunpils. The company has commenced its activities in 1912, which demonstrates huge experience.
    In the beginning we were producing only curd, semi-hard cheese and sour cream, now we are producing more than 20 different type of cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, dessert, puddings, sweet and salty curd mass. Jaunpils dairy products are produced from high-quality milk, what we can get  here in Latvia – in our farmers farms.
    The  products of Jaunpils dairy are natural, healthy and free of preservatives. They are always attracted our  customers with very high quality. Our cheesemakers put love in each slice of cheese. Consequently, our produced cheeses are different from industrially manufactured cheeses directly with the taste characteristics, visual appearance and excellent quality.
    The owner of the factory is an agricultural co-operative "Piena Ceļš", which currently brings together 64 dairy producers, which means that our dairy products are Latvian farmer`s products.
    The company is in the process of development not only by increasing the range of products, but also the introduction of new technologies.
    We are exporting our products to a different world countries like  Lithuania, Estonia, England, United States of Amerika, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Germany, Spain and Sweden. Very soon our products will be sold in the United Arab Emirates.
We are one of the best dairy companies in Latvia.

About us News Products How to buy Recipies Contacts