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About company

About company

    Dairy tradition is an ancient and stable in Jaunpils. The company has commenced its activities in 1912, which demonstrates huge experience.
   Jaunpils dairy products are made from highest quality milk that we get here in Latvia from our farmers. 
    Our products have always attracted our customers with exceptionally high quality. Our cheesemakers put love in each slice of cheese. As a result, our cheeses differ from industrially manufactured cheeses precisely because of their taste, their visual appearance and their excellent quality.
    Although the owners of the company have changed over time, since 2008 the owner of the company is the agricultural service cooperative "Piena Ceļš". 
In order to develop and increase production capacity, a decision was made in 2019 to merge with the Estonian dairy cooperative E-piim, which unites 143 milk producers, thus creating the first European cooperative in Eastern Europe (Societas cooperativa Europaea).
    The company is in the process of development not only by increasing the range of products, but also the introduction of new technologies.
    Jaunpils products have not only won the Latvian market. Our products are exported to all over Europe as well as USA, Singapore, Israel and Australia.

About us News Products Our stores Recipies Contacts